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Re: JAWSat photo's??

At 10:36 AM 2/12/00 -0500, Keith O'Brien N4ZQ wrote:
>On 1/29/00 Lee K0LEE wrote:
>   Jawsat contained several other payloads: an Altitude Controlled
>   Platform, 6 high resolution digital cameras to capture the
>   deployment...
>Anyone know if any of these photo's are available on the Net and if so,

The photos have not been downloaded from JawSat/Weber-2.  They are stored
on a flash disk aboard the satellite.  When we acquire 2-way communications
with the satellite we will proceed to download the images.

>Also refresh my old memory as to what happened to Weber-2 on 437.175 and

The last signal reports we receive were for Jan 31, 0404 UTC over Utah and
and Feb. 1, 1620 UTC over Italy.  On Feb 2 we started sending commands
to power down as many circuits as possible to allow the batteries to recharge.
The flight computer, modem, receivers and battery charge circuits and a few
others were left on.

In the last week we have been sending commands to reactivate the telemetry and
beacon but have had no response from the satellite while it has been over Utah.

If anyone has received a strong signal on 437.175 or 437.070 that stays on for
30 seconds at a time please contact us.  We would also like to know if anybody
captured a 9600 AX-25 packet addressed from WEBER2.

Thanks to all those who are listening for us,

Paul    KC7QFS    kc7qfs@amsat.org
Randy N7SFI        n7sfi@amsat.org    or to N7SFI on KO-25

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