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Re: Re: [DXR] Latitude/Longitude Position finder

Hello Bill.

10 Feb 00 10:03, you wrote to ALL:

 BH> sure would be ok if I lived in USA....... any one got an address for
 BH> one for VK????????????

You can get pretty close if you live in an urban area by searching the ACA
database for services licenced in your local (i.e. postcode) area, and marking
them off on a street directory.  I found my lat/long accurate to 100m or so by
cross referencing several commercial Txs in my neighbourhood and interpolating
the coordinates (by plotting each Tx on a local map).

The ACA database is on the ACA web site (www.aca.gov.au).

In VK3, the Vic Roads directory is also an excellent resource, as it has maps
which have lat/long maeked on them for all of VK3, and there's 4 maps exactly
to a grid square (makes contests like the Spring and Summer Field Days a breeze
to plan for).  Unfortunately, I don't know if there are equivalent directories
in other states. :-(

Might be worth setting up some sort of resource guide for this sort of


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