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Re: EL01-02 XE2YVW and many others

Hello Gerald.

11 Feb 00 03:53, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 GS> Is there any chance you could reset the date on your computer or get
 GS> you ISP to reset theirs?  Your stuff comes in with dates of 3/19/36
 GS> etc. which then clogs up those who sort by date. You have enough
 GS> interesting to say that I really don't want to filter you. Thanks for
 GS> any effort.

I'll see what I can do.  It's interesting to note that I can't see any problems
on the emails reflected from the list, so it could be a peculiar interaction
between distributed pieces of software.

In any case, I will try and download an update that may help with the problem.

P.S.  Will try and listen out for Stensat later this arvo, it's due to pass
here in a few hours.

P.P.S.  Was an excellent pass on SO-35 this morning, we had ZL and P29 on, in
addition to the usual assortment of VKs. :-)


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