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Opal Beacon update

Just a quick clarification on our beacons.  We are putting
out two.  One is a short AX25 packet that nominally broascast
every 10 seconds.  Occasionally the period is once a minute.

Our second beacon is short CW signal that encodes a two bit
state summary of Opal. The bits are encoded into a CW pulse
of the same length, t.  A zero is represented by a CW signal
of length t.  A one is represented by a CW signal of length
t/2, followed by silence of t/2.  

A 01 transmission would look like:

   |  0  |  1  |

A 10 tranmission would look like:

   |  1  |  0  |

We are expecting a 10 or 01.  I don't know what this is
in Morse.  I'm a technician no code!  

But that could help in distinguishing Opal and teh SCU 


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