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RS-13 sub-horizon experiments


thanks for reading this message. Recently I have done
some experiments on RS-13 satellite. I am receiving the
satellite well when the bird is sub-horizon in my QTH.
I have also completed some"sub-horizon" contacts
using mode K or combination of mode A nad K.
( see K0BLT  message in amsat-bb )
For about a week now I can receive the satellites beacon
when the position of the satellite is over eastern Siberia.
At this time  I can also hear my own signals via the satellite
when using mode K (uplink on 21MHz). This lasts until the
satellite raches Lat: 50 deg. Usually this happens during
orbits from 8 to 12 UTC. When the satellite is in the mentioned
position in line of sight is complete KL7 and Canadian west
coast and also complete JA, lots of UA0 and HL. But there
seems to be very little activity there - I hear only stations which
are "accidentaly " retransmitted on the satellite making
terestrial contacts on 15m.
The same thing happens when the satellite is over Antarctica
and south atlantic until it reaches Lat: -20 deg. On these occassions
however I can´t receive my own signals transmitted on 15m.
The coverage is LU,ZS - also no "SAT" activity heard there,
only the beacon.
I am looking for a partner for RS-13 "sub-horizon" experiments
in the above mentioned areas or elswhere. The phenomena is
very interesting an can bring surprising results. For those who
want to learn more about it I recommend to read the articles
from GM4IHJ on Amsat web.
Awaiting your comments and proposals on this reflector
or my e-mail  ok1dig@iol.cz

73 !  and good DX on Satellites

Dan / OK1DIG
(  JO60XJ )

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