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Re: EL01-02 XE2YVW

Hello xe2yvw@xe2crh.ampr.org.

09 Feb 00 19:43, you wrote to ALL:

 xy> activate EL01-02 in AO27 at 1556 and 1737 pass, may be the l ast pass
 xy> is no possible because mountains so I will advise, if canot work in
 xy> last pass I will call in first pass from both grid s with GPS info, so
 xy> please guive time to call from EL01 first and EL02 in last 1 minute
 xy> from the pass, GOOD LUCK to ALL..... 73 de Al XE2YVW Ps the hams in
 xy> Mexico need 3 minutes more in TERP PLEASE !!!!

Count yourselves lucky, we don't even get AO-27 down here! :-(

Wrong side of the world...


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