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Re: OPAL Heard in SE Georgia 10 Feb 2000

Same observation from Huntsville, Alabama.  The short transmission
occurs every 10 seconds starting about 7 seconds after the beginning
of each minute, then every 10 seconds.  There is one longer transmission
at about 41-43 seconds after the minute (WWV minute approximate)
in addition to the short transmission every 10 seconds.

Tim - N8DEU

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From: Steven R. Bible <n7hpr@AMSAT.Org>
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Cc: James Cutler <jwc@Stanford.EDU>
Date: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 8:55 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] OPAL Heard in SE Georgia 10 Feb 2000

>The past several passes I've recorded the audio (WAV file) of OPAL.  I
>then play back the audio with Spectrogram Ver 5.1
>(http://www.monumental.com/rshorne/gram.html) and observe the tones.
>I've observed the tones dropping in frequency today over yesterday.
>Plus there's a real interesting pattern to the tones.  There's a
>constant small tone every 10 seconds, and then there's a not quite
>synced with 10 second interval longer tone that ramps up in frequency.
>On occasion I can decode telemetry.  But today I've been unsuccessful.
>The latest pass I just recorded (10 Feb 2000 00:13:27 UTC to 00:27:57
>UTC) I observed that the signals were strong even after WiSP predicted
>LOS.  So I'm thinking that the keps are not right on.  And the keps I
>used were from the OPAL web site dated 2/8/2000.  What have others
>Last we all moved object number for OPAL to 26063.  But there are two
>objects that predict later than OPAL and the are ASUSat (26065) and
>FalconSat (26064).  ASUSat predicts almost a minute and a half later
>than OPAL and FalconSat 3 minutes and a half later than OPAL.  I plan to
>track OPAL with ASUSat keps tomorrow morning during the Pico sats
>I'd appreciate any other observations.
>I'm converting the WAV files to MP3 so that they are smaller in size and
>posting the screen captures on a web page for others to listen to and
>anaylize.  The WAV files are just to big (almost 200 Meg).  URL to
>follow soon.
>- Steve, N7HPR
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