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Re: Re:comm Program update

In a message dated 2/9/00 1:42:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, mjohns@cfu.net 

<< What version of ProComm are you using?  Mine goes to much higher
 speeds than 9600.  Also, there was a ProComm for Windows that came
 out some year back that may do what you are looking for.  I believe
 it was a Win3.1 product, however.
 Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)
  "Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would
     stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain >>
Hi Mark;
Tks for the query,this version is original (not procomm+) max is 9600 Baud 
and not Y2K
complaint.Been using it on older dos mach,but since upgrading to 32bit mach 
thot I'd
look for a faster comm program. The win98 os came w/hypterterm 3.0 (which was 
and outdated) so I loaded hyperterm PE5.00 free from Hilgraeve. Now I can 
increase Baud on the modem settings and believe me the program really flys.

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