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APRStk Satellite Tracking

APRStk has satellite tracking embedded into APRSdos.  It is the first
satellite program to auto-tune your Kenwood D7 or D700 for automatic
downlink capture.   A new version has been posted which incorporates these

* Adds ISS and MIR and the recent OPAL and STENSAT to the keps
* Autotunes the Kenwood radios to the downlinks.
* Converts TLM packets to HEX so binary data doesn't mess up screens
* Adds NAVSPASUR 217 MHz radar Fence to maps so you can listen for
  radar pings when satellites cross the line...!
* APRStk.ZIP is now posted which incluldes a full-up APRSdos INSTALL
  Please use PKUNZIP -dn or WinZIP for a full install.
* ASTK-EXE.ZIP is an upgrade for existing APRSdos users.  Also
  use PKUNZIP -dn to get everything.

Just run APRStk, set the squelch on your D7 or D700 radio connected to a
20" whip antenna that can see the sky with minimum coax loss, and the rest
is magic!  (Downlink reception ONLY. This is just for fun. It does NOT
pretend to be a full-up satellite station program) You will be amazed how
many satellites are flying overhead all the time..

  For more info:     http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html
  Complete Download: ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/aprstk.zip
  For APRSdos users: ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/astk-exe.zip

This is a downlink monitoring application only.  It is not a full-up
satellite station control program.  But here are the satellites you will
hear on your FM radio:

KO23 (when it is working. not today)
AO27 (voice)
SO35 (when in voice mode)
OPAL (a weak brief burst once every 10 seconds)
STENSAT if it deploys properly

AO16,LO19,IO26 are Authoruized for APRS, but require UHF SSB radios and
               PSK modems for the downlink.

de WB4APR, Bob

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