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Best setup???


I can go two ways for a directional antenna setup and I just don't know
which way to do it.

First some background info.  I live in a sub division that is fairly wooded.
The trees are mainly hardwoods and are about 60-70' tall.  They surround the
house on all sides except the ESE-S direction.  They are about 50-70' from
the center of the house.

a) I can put a tripod on my house and have short runs of coax for the sat
array.  Let's say about 40-50'.  With this setup, I'd obviously lose the
horizon for some amount.  Let's say 20 degrees for safe keeping.

b) I can put up a 72' tower with a 10-15' mast and get the array up at about
treeline or maybe a little above.  I'd have coax runs of about 150'.

Either way I was planning preamps.  SSB's.

So, what should I do?

This get's complicated!  It appears that more and more of the sats launched
have better TX's on them and maybe the newer sats will be easier to hear
even over semi long runs of coax???

Hey, it's not a perfect sight, but I have to keep my wife happy to... You
know that word compromise.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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