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Re: Kenwood TH-D7

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Jon Ogden wrote after a good explaination...:

> Bottom line: The TH-D7A just really does not work well for 9k6 packet.
> Sorry folks!

True, But remember, this applies to 9600 baud CONNECTED PACKET with very
fast T/R turn around times on things like BBS's and NODES *only*.  Yes,
this is a big segment of current activity, especially in Europe.  But it
does not apply to UI packets or networks with slower T/R times.  

So, I agree, do not expect an HT with built in TNC to replace or perform
as well as a full-up satellite ground station, but we are only beginning
to see the potential for future applications for this handheld/portable
radio at 9600 baud.

My THD7 is connected to a whip antenna on the roof and receives all 9600
baud downlinks when the birds are above about 25 degrees...  It works
beautifuly in this receive only set up...


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