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UO-36 S Band operations

We are scheduling Merlion operations for the weekend of 19 and 20 February.
See below for the schedule.  This should give stations an opportunity to
test their S band equipment ready for P3D operations.

Coverage is a bit limited on each pass. We are power limited at the moment.
The spacecraft downlink is monitored by an on-board safety task to ensure
all operational parameters are maintained.  With the USA passes (which will
occur in eclipse) it is possible that the downlink may be shut down

These operations will generate a carrier at about 1W of TX power at 2401MHz.
The spacecraft antenna is left hand circular polarisation.

Chris Jackson G7UPN / ZL2TPO

19 February:
Covers Canada, USA, Mexico and Caribean.

Pass 1: 10 mins.
ON: 	03h40		AOS around NY/Washington.
OFF:	03h50		LOS Miami.

Pass 2: 10 mins.
ON:	07h00		AOS SW Canada
OFF:	07h10		LOS S. USA

20 February:
Covers Australia, New Zealand, New Guinee and for a short time Singapore and

Pass 3: 14 mins.
ON:	00h00		AOS Melbourne
OFF:	00h14		LOS Tasmania

Pass 4: 14 mins.
ON:	03h17		AOS Perth
OFF:	03h31		LOS SW. Australia

Covers most of Europe.

Pass 5: 5 mins.
ON: 	07h49		AOS Sicily
OFF:	07h54		LOS Finland

*	All times UTC.
*	AOS and LOS locations not exact - roughly the positions where
UOSAT-12 will be on the horison when switching on or off.

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