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OPAL reports

    This morning, we again sent the bypass commands and then noticed that
    the high pitch noise on Opal's transmissions had faded.  We then
    successfully logged in and verified that our telemetry indicated 
    pico launch.  It did indeed.  ...

I also noted a fair amount of activity on the middle California pass last
night, and just a few double beeps on the later California pass.  This
was consistent with the previous day's observations (reported privately).

    Monday  18:58:11 19:05:17 19:12:38  00:14:27   19 101 188  61.0* JAWSAT
	    20:37:55 20:43:48 20:49:49  00:11:55  355 299 243  15.3  JAWSAT

This morning, i got out late for the middle California pass, so heard a
couple of quick bursts of noise, presumably 9k6 packets, which partially
confirms JJ1WTK's report.  (All times are PST)

    Tuesday 06:12:03 06:19:33 06:27:03  00:15:00  164 209 345  87.6* JAWSAT

I'm looking forward to what you folks can do tonight with OPAL.  73's and
best of luck!
		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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