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Re: Stations heard on Sunsat (SO35)

Hello Luis.

07 Feb 00 14:00, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 LM> i'll try to record the next pass and post it on the web.
 LM> i'll let you know if i get anything.

OK, good luck.  Once you have the schedule, you shouldn't have any difficulty
hearing the downlink.  It is a very strong signal.

 LM> have you worked on AO-27 ?

No, AO-27 is not available in VK.  It uses a system called "TEPR" (I think it
stands for Timed Eclipse Power Regulation), which basically means that its
systems are powered up and down automatically, according to what part of its
orbit it's in.  The end result is the transponder only activated for a short
time over North America and/or Europe on certain passes.  There has never been
an activation of AO-27 south of the equator to anyone's knowledge. :-(

LM> do you know where i can find a schedule for AO-27 ?

Look up the FAQs on the web (IIRC, AMSAT-NA has pointers to suitable info).


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