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Re: Inexpensive 436 FM receiver?

Hello Jon.

07 Feb 00 20:36, you wrote to ALL:

 JO> The Radio Shack HTX-404 can be bought used for about $100.  It can be
 JO> modified very easily (via a button combo) to transmit and receive all
 JO> the way down to 430 MHz.  It is also a radio you can work on as it is
 JO> a much bigger size than the mini-HT's of today.  It seems to have a
 JO> good RX as well.

I find HTs in general tend to be quite sensitive.  Here in VK, it's a little
easier, as our gear comes with 430-440 MHz enabled for Tx (as this is our voice
segment).  However, many rigs can be modified quite easily for Tx outside the
factory set limits.


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