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Re: Stations heard on Sunsat (SO35)

Hello Garie.

08 Feb 00 03:16, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 GH> Hello Tony.  I hadn't thought of putting the audio on the Web but I
 GH> suppose I could.  I'll visit the Sunsat site and take a look.  Thanks
 GH> for the tip.  Perhaps there would be those who would like to hear it.

I actually found it was popular with a few of the SO-35 regulars here, who like
to check how their station sounded on the downlink.  The recordings are also
useful for catching up with what one misses in the heat of the moment.

The initial purpose of recording the satellite was to provide an audio record
of my (now successful) tram mobile attempts, but the audio has since taken on a
life of its own.

And besides, I have often wondered how busy the bird gets over there.  It's
busy enough down here! (auppose not having AO-27 to play with here, there's
more pent up demand :-) ).

 GH> --I did email a RealAudio file to Mike who was operating the Special
 GH>   Event Station (W1B) in the State of Vermont on Saturday.  It was his
 GH>   QSO with N7SFI in Utah.  I hope he liked it.

I'm sure he did. :-)

 GH> 73 Tony and enjoy Sunsat.

And you too Garie.  It's an excellent satellite. :-)

P.S.  These things are addictive.  From being a humble QRP FM operator, I'm
about to take delivery of a 10m box so I can work RS-13 (I already have the 2m
all mode rig for the uplink), and have plans on the drawing board for
transverters for Phase3D! :-)

Reminds me, have to build that new antenna, now that Stensat is up (and appears
it could be a goer)...


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