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Re: Inexpensive 436 FM receiver?

RogerKola@aol.com (WA1KAT) writes:

> well I am in need of an inexpensive receiver for this band and am willing 
>  modify a rig to do it.....I don't think I am interested in using a 
>  type radio because they tend not to be too sensitive...and 9600 baud isn't 
>  necessary at this time...

A couple of years ago when I wanted to "expand" beyond RS-12 without spending 
a lot of money, I built a Hamtronics 70 cm downconverter and used my HF rig 
to monitor AO-27 and FO-20/29.  They have a pretty good noise figure and if 
you can mount it near the antenna, you can even get by without a preamp.  
They are available factory built also.  

Be aware, though, it can be addictive.  The next thing I knew, I had also 
built a TenTec 2 meter transverter and was active on the mode J birds.  Then 
I wanted to work AO-10, so I bought a couple of older V/UHF mobile rigs so I 
could transmit on 70 cm.  That was so much fun, that I then bought a 
dual-band all-mode satellite rig.  All because I only wanted to spend a 
little $ to get an "inexpensive receiver on 70 cm."

73 & good luck,
Jerry, K5OE

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