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Re: Stations heard on Sunsat (SO35)

Hello Luis.

07 Feb 00 10:14, you wrote to ALL:

 LM> what kind of equipment are you using for SO-35, I tried to listen to
 LM> the downlonk in 145.825 with a quarter wave omni and nothing, not a
 LM> single CQ !! even in an overhead pass !! I am in Lisbon, Portugal. is
 LM> anyone working this sat in europe ??

You should be able to hear SO-35 on anything marginally better than a piece of
wet string.  A 1/4 wave should be sufficient for most passes.  I have worked it
from within trains using a 1/4 wave on the Rx.  It could be that the pass you
attempted to monitor wasn't the one where the transponder was active.  You need
to keep the schedule on hand when working SO-35.  The article mentioned below
has a link to the Sunsat home page.

 LM> as you can see I am trying the easy FM sats, so any help would be most
 LM> welcomed.

I have written a beginners article which focuses on SO-35.  You can find it on
the web at http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/1st_sat.html.  The article is a biased
towards VK operators, but the general principles (and info links) are the same
for any part of the world.

There is also a link to this page from the AMSAT-NA site's list of beginner's

If you need any more assistance, feel free to email me in private.


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