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Re: Frequencies?

Hello Jon.

06 Feb 00 08:22, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 JO> You're right.  I missed that one!

Can't catch them all in one hit! :-)  And there well soon be Stensat as well!

 JO> That's amazing about Sunsat!

It's one brilliant bird! :-)  In any case, if you want to hear what sort of
signals you get from a HT with 3.5 watts into a 1/2 wave, I do have plenty of
audio recordings on http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html.

My call is VK3JED (so you'll recognise me on the recordings), and I always run
the 3.5 watts into the 1/2 wave on the uplink.  I've also got a tram mobile
recording on the site, and a recording of VK3YE working several stations from a
HT on a bus!  You will also hear other VK and ZL handheld stations as well.

 JO> Do you know if there are plans to open it up anytime other than
 JO> weekends?

Not at this stage.  From what I understand, the situation is this:

They have (averaged over an orbit) 15 - 30 watts available from the solar
panels.  With the orbits being near the middle of the day at this stage, the
available power is nearer the 15 watt end of the range (30 watts is for a fully
illuminated orbit - i.e. sunrise/sunset passes).

The amateur Tx outputs about 10 watts, so it'd consume 15 or more watts of
power on its own, leaving nothing for anything else.  hence they have to
severely limit its use to the 2 hours per week that we get (so they can run the
imaging and other experiments, as well as control the bird).

That's my understanding from reading their web site.  Other than providing
regular performance reports to the Sunsat team and pass calculations for VK
amateurs on my web page, I have no connection with the Sunsat team, who have
done an excellent job with SO-35. :-)  I only found about SO-35 from a local
news service.  Glad I did, it has rekindled my interest in satellites, and I
have since got wise and found AMSAT-BB. :-)

Planning on having a play with RS-13, Stensat (when it operational), the Fujis
and in the longer term, L/S and V/U band operation on P3D, once I get the gear
all setup.  I will be concentrating on portable operation as well (my QTH
doesn't lend itself to antennas, lucky the landlady is nice enough to let me
fit one vertical in the only antenna space available :) ).

Anyway, 73 and good luck on the birds (maybe when P3D goes up, we'll get to
work each other -  :) ).  Running the sample keps shows good promise for VK -
USA operations via P3D.

Tony  VK3JED.

.. ight with me.
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