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Re: FT-847 and 9600 Baud Packet

Jon Ogden wrote:
> on 2/6/00 9:50 AM, John Zaruba Jr at jzaruba@snip.net wrote:
> > You didn't say how well you were receiving 9k6 packets. If you're
> > receiving OK, just having trouble connecting, then I think we get right
> > back to the deviation issue. If you know someone in the land mobile
> > radio business, you might be able to get some help adjusting your
> > deviation. I'm lucky enough to have a ham friend that works for
> > Motorola, and he checked my setup with his service monitor. Seems my
> > cheap little TAPR DevMeter is really very close to "right on the money".
> When selecting 1200 baud in the radio, I connect and receive 9600 baud
> packets fine.  When in the 9600 baud mode, the other station doesn't hear me
> at all.  The selection must change something with the deviation or something
> in the transmit side as well.  I have NO idea!

Possibly, you don't have enough audio to drive the modulator directly.
Maybe when you're in 1k2 the audio chain is amplifying the signal and
giving you better drive. Try changing the TNC output level when you have
9k6 selected on the radio and see if that makes a difference.

73 de John
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