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Picosat heard? [was: "StenSat may be Released This Morning..."]

It sounds like at least one picosat was released.  Or, at least, there's
now something out there ca. 1530 this morning beeping on 437.090 [437.100
before doppler], perhaps in slow MCW.  I didn't get much of it, as i did
not get outside until MEL and was looking mostly for STENSAT.  It seems
so slow and the spacing so large so long that i can hardly do more than
distinguish dots from the one dash that i heard.  After replaying the tape
several times, this is the best i could get without resorting to an audio

    ... ... . . .. - . . . . . 

I suppose it might have been trying to say 'artimis' but that is probably
a long shot...  Sorry, no S-meter reading, but clearly audible above the
noise with an Arrow-equivalent antenna.

I didn't hear anything on 436.620 [436.625 before doppler], but they had
expected it would take 1-2 hours of illumination before STENSAT would
start transmitting, especially if it was only getting sunlight edge-on.
Unless someone else did better than i (more sensitive receiver, or full
az-el antenna setup instead of Arrow-equivalent), then Europe or the
East Coast is likely to hear it first.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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