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Re: Frequencies?

Hello Jon.

05 Feb 00 13:54, you wrote to ALL:

 >> With more and more sats in the air, has anyone put up a "updated"
 >> listing of frequencies?  It's tough for us new kids on the block to
 >> figure out what modes, freqs, etc to be using.  I've found one site
 >> in JP that's in pretty good shape, but I figured I see if anyone has
 >> suffered from this same problem. Thanks in advance,
 JO> Check out the paper "Working the Easy Sats" that is available on the
 JO> AMSAT webpage.  Excellent paper and has frequency info for just about
 JO> all the birds but these latest ones that went up the other week.

The easysats paper does have one major omission, due to the date it was
written, and that omission is Sunsat (SO-35), which is another FM bird, and
probably the easiest satellite of them all.  A dual band handheld will get you
into this bird most of the time.

Sunsat carries an FM repeater which is activated according to a schedule which
is advertised (currently, the best place to find out is to watch this mailing

The frequencies are:

Uplink - 436.291 MHz (+/- 10 kHz Doppler)
Downlink - 145.825 MHz.

I have only used portable gear to work SO-35, and have managed QSOs from trains
and trams (streetcars).


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