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StenSat may be Released This Morning (Sunday Feb 6)

Hi all,

I just informed by Stanford that because of problems with OPAL's 
transmitter that Stanford plans to attempt a release of the six 
picosatellites (Aerospace, Artemis, StenSat) during a Sunday morning 
(February 6) pass over Stanford.  My guess is that Stanford will attempt 
the release during the early morning 05:40 am PST (47 degrees elevation) 
pass over Stanford's Big Dish antenna.

StenSat will probably need at least one or two hours of exposure to 
sunlight before StenSat wakes up and starts transmitting 1200 baud AX.25 
AFSK packet telemetry every 5 seconds and a Morse code ID every four 

StenSat can be PING'ed the following standard telephone touch tone DTMF 

	#7464464		- (# key followed by the digits) to ping a packet once
	#7370563		- to report an extended packet.

StenSat's uplink frequencies is 145.84 MHz and the downlink is 436.625 
MHz.  Please send us any telemetry.

Also note that the Artemis picosatellites will be on 437.1 MHz (CW and 1200 
baud AX.25 AFSK).

-Hank N4AFL

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