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Brian Beamish, VK4BBS asked about the DSP-12 TNC

>There is a command in it called PTTTO and have been right through the >book a few times and can not find this one.

>If some one can enlighten me on what PTTTO is about I would appreciate >it.


>From the DSP-12 User's guide, version 1.9, PTTTO is:

"This command allows the user to display and set the push-to-talk (PTT)
timeout value. The default value of 60 (seconds) is acceptable for most
applications. In some full-duplex packet applications where large files
are being transferred a larger value may be useful. Legal values range
from 10 seconds to 650 seconds"

Note that I've not seen the 1.9 version of the user's guide in
hardcopy.  Version 1.7 shipped in hardcopy with mine.  1.9 came as a
WordPerfect file inside the developers kit.  I'm running version 2.0 of

Back when I used to do some long packet transfers, it always seemed to
timeout at the worst possible moment.

Hope this helps.  I'd be happy to convert the whole manual to a Word
Document or other format and send it to you.  73 de Chas, W4HFZ
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