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Hellschreiber on FO-20, next pass

Greetings to all

I'll be QRV on FO-20 in Feld Hell, Hellschreiber mode at 22:40 UTC, February
5th on 435.880.

I've been experimenting with the Feld Hell mode via satellite by recording
my own downlink signal. The results with the FO birds have produce near 100%
print.  Doppler tuning is not nearly as sensitive as PSK31 and the spectrum
window provided in the software alows for easy tuning.

Hellschreiber operates at a low duty cycle of 21% and uses on-off keying
like cw to produce rows of dots that form charactors.  The low duty cycle is
a plus for satellite work in that it will not tax the satellites power
budget like RTTY and other modes. The bandwidth is similar to 80 wpm morse
at about 300hz.

Reception reports and screenshots of received print would be appreciated.
Please reply direct to:   ab2cj@nais.com

For more info and software try the websites below.

Info - http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/

Software - http://www.freeweb.org/varie/ninopo/iz8bly/Hell/index.htm

73, Tony

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