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Re: DBS lnb and dish

On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, greg wrote:

> will the lnb and dish work for 10.4 gigs for ham sats i am able to get alot
> of these :) since i install echostar and driectv

No one has worekd up a mod yet, but with millions of these being trashed I
sure wish I could get my hands on the junk.  I called all the local
installers, and none of them bring back the old obsolete PRIMESTAR dishes.
They just leave them for the customer to throw away.  I tired to convince
them to bring them back to the shop for me to make a big pile, but of
course, what am I willing to pay?  Not much....

But it is a heck of a lot of good microwave technology being trashed.  I
figure if we HAMS colletc them, somone will figure out a use for them...
But I dont know how to get them without knocking on doors....  ANd if you
knowck on their door, then they think it must be worth something and wont
give it away...


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