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Re: AMSAT: 38K4

At 01:50 AM 2/5/00 -0500, Stacey Mills wrote:
 >At 02:17 PM 2000-02-04 -0700, you wrote:
 >>Does anyone have any further information on modifying a G3RUH modem to 
 >>work with the Symek IFD board?
 >>John - VE8EV
 >This has a detailed list of the modifications.

Has anyone tried the PacComm Sprint -2 at 38.4 with these new 
satellites?  I've got one of these and it would save me considerable money 
if it were compatible.   I'd be particularly interested in hearing whether 
anyone had tried a Sprint in conjunction with a Symek IFD and a Yaesu 
736.  If this is known to work, it would seem like a really cheap way to 
get on at this higher data rate.

Thanks in advance.

John W2FS

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