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Re: Frequencies?

In a message dated 00-02-04 16:59:39 EST, you write:

<< Didn't mean to suggest that it wasn't there.  And yes I've been to the
 amsat.org site.
 I guess I was looking for something a little more complete.  I'd like to
 have a website or reference where I could see each sat in a row with the
 mode, freqs, type (packet, manchester, psk, afsk, fsk, etc)>>
This information does exist as you ask....it is offered by individuals who 
have spent much time organizing and cataloging the material on their 
individual web pages...

As the "organization" of this material may be considered proprietary or 
I personally can only refer you to the web sites of those people who have put 
so much effort into their work...

Please refer to JE9PEL's web page for the information you seek...it can be 
found near the bottom of the page and it is done very well...


73 and GL on the SATs

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