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IFD and TS-790


This suposed to be a reply to a previous msg
who mention the new 38k4 birds, but I must have
delete it because I can't find it anywhere, hi!

Anyway, I just wanted to emphasize the same idea:
go for it! 
Althought the mod's aren't so simple (and cheap) 
as for working 9600bd, they are now accessible
thanks to Symek IFD board. Until further news,
that's the best qualitiy/relation option you 
can get.

About the mods to TS790, let me give you an hint.
Uli recomemended to connect the cables to Pin 3
and 5 of ACC 4 connector. Well, because the 9600
mods were already using that same pins, the only
possible solutions were: disconnect one pin (give 
up 9600rx), pass the cable out thru a hole,
or find another "non connected" pin. 
Well, after a brief search, it seemed there wasn't
any other avaliable, but the solution was on the 
External control manual: pin 6 of ACC1. 
Unfortunatly that pin is only accessible under IF
UNIT, but if by then you already done the 38k4 mods,
that will be piece of cake :)

See you on UO-36

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Symek is paying me good money for this email ;0)
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