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Re: AMSAT: 38K4

I did some research on the Symek products and here is the email I received:

 >I was looking at the website but did not see a price for the TNC31S.
 >I would be interested in that unit with the FSK9600 modem.

TNC31 with 128 kByte RAM, 128k Flash-ROM costs US$ 125.-
TNC31 with 512 kByte RAM, 512k Flash-ROM and realtime clock costs US$ 160.-
A Modem with TX9600/Rx38400 or with 38400/38400 Baud costs $ 85
standard modem for 900/9600 $ 72.-

Invoice is in DEM, prices may vary due to changing exchange rates.
Today, 1 US$ = 2.00 DEM

Transport costs to USA approx. 25 $

 > From the website it appears that it is possible to program
 > the modem to different speeds using a terminal program.

No. The modems are available for different speeds and
combinations of speeds. But speed is defined by hardware.

 > I am interested in the TNC to decode both 9,600 and 38,400
 >baud amateur radio satellites.

So, we recommend the TNC3S as many SAT users use it now.
Have a 9600/9600 modem on port 1 and a 38k/38k at port2.
This TNC receives both speeds simultaneously and you can
transmit on 9600 OR 38k.
WISP supports the parallel reception of both ports of TNC3
but the mode to transmit via port 2 is not ready programmed
in WISP yet.

 >Can this one modem be changed to the various speeds

by changing some capacitors: yes. But this is not comfortable.

 > or are separate modems necessary?

That's better.

 >Also, I was interested in the add-on IF board for the Yaesu FT-736.
 >Could you tell me of the details that are required to set up this board in

You have to cut a certain coax inside the FT736 and attach the
IFD input and output to the ends of this cable. That's all.
Some experience in electronics is necessary.

IFD costs nearly exactly 100 US$ +/- exchange rate change.

If you need any more info, please do not hesitate to contact us.

73! Ulf, DK9SJ

In a message dated 2/4/00 12:11:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, john@hansen.net 

 >  Thanks for one of the most useful posts that I've seen in a long time.  I 
 >  have one question... I went to the Symek web page and could not find any 
 >  entry in their price list for the TNC31S.  Can you tell me what you paid 
 >  for it?
 >  Thanks,
 >  John W2FS

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