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Re: [ao16aprs] Re: PACSAT

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From: "Mike Gilchrist" <kf4fdj@amsat.org>
 > In practice, it is a good idea to correct both for uplink and downlink on
 > the pacsats.  You could program non-standard splits in your rig, and just

 > tune frequency pairs as the pass progresses.

Mike, I'm not sure if you're suggesting that possibly a radio like the
Kenwood TMD700a could store both the up and downlink (different bands) into
one memory using non-standard splits, and switch between these
pre-programmed up/down sets, or that you would simply have some VHF
and UHF memories ("pairs") seperately programmed, and you would have to tune
each side as the pass progresses.

I can't find a way to program a single memory in the TMD700 with a VHF
transmit and a UHF receive.  Otherwise, for standalone use, I'm looking at a
remote-control solution to have a computer switch the TNC to remote control
mode, tune the VFO's, then switch back to the TNC.  It looks like this could
be done in less than a second on the TMD700.

 > Downlnk -  Uplink
 > _________________
 > 435.120 - 145.900  Mid Pass
etc etc


Jim Gill  N0RMO
Omaha NE

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