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Re: Amateur satellites over INDIAN subcontinent

Hello Kishore.

03 Feb 00 23:10, you wrote to ALL:

 KA> hello all
 KA> came to know about this wonderful world of amateur satellites through
 KA> this site if anyone would tell me about amateur satellite passes over
 KA> INDIAN subcontinent and what it would take to receive it including
 KA> look up angle of satellite and type of antenna . I have used YAESEU RS
 KA> FT - 847 in satellite mode without success.YAESU , JAPAN claims that
 KA> amateur satellites can be received at 430/145 MHz with a YAGI antenna.
 KA> Any help would be most appreciated. TIA

There'd be several satellites you can use.  I suggest you visit
http://www.amsat.org (the AMSAT-NA page) for a description of the available
satellites, and some introductory articles.  They have a good collection of
articles and lots of info.

Most amateur satellites would be available from India if they're overhead.
You'd need to download some tracking software to calculate when they will be

Most of all, enjoy working the satellites! :-)

Finally, yes, you can hear, or even work most of them with a Yagi, though other
antennas may perform better.


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