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I give up... Don't try this!

I was using NovaWin and decided to try automating the control of my radio.
Well Nova didn't do it directly, so I got wisp32 and wispdde... Wow that
worked great.

Then I did some checking.  The AOS/LOS was off by 56 sec between wisp and
Nova for the same time/keps/observer location and mode of track.

So, hmm I thought.  Well let's add a third variable.  I got WinOrbit out and
sure enough, yet another projections.

So. what gives.  They were off by a spread of 2mins.  WinOrbit being the
earliest of the AOS times, Wisp32 in the middle and NovaWin last.

That could sure screw up tracking heading and doppler corrections.

I have no idea who is right and who isn't.

Anyone want to guess or explain???  I'm curious?


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