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lha thanks

Hello All,

Thanks to all who replied regarding my problems with lha. I have it working
now and all is well. The reason I wanted to send a message using lha was to
test out the download de-compression in WiSP32 at my installation. It
doesn't seem to automatically de-compress all the files it should. Most of
course are pkzipped and like a few others it's quite a while since I have
seen an lha compressed file on the digital birds. It occurred to me that the
problem that I and two other friends are having may be specific to pkunzip
and it's paths etc. in my installation or it may also happen with lha files.
Problem ... no lha files. Hence my wanting to upload and download one myself
to test out the auto-decompress funtion and hopefully isolate the problem.

Thanks again to all who replied.....

Regards, Bill...vk3jt

Milawa Australia

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