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HT Satellite Ground stations.

Kenwood digital radio/TNC remote control,

Tonight, I discovered how to switch the control port between the
radio and the internal TNC so that my APRStk program can now both
auto-tune the doppler and route the downlinked packets DURING the pass
through the radio's single serial port.  Thus, PACSAT Receive-only
stations can be assembled with nothing but a PC and the Kenwood HT on a
20 inch whip antenna.

I have been using a 3/4 wave vertical (20.2") on my THD7 and can receive
the downlink from any of the (working) pacsats  while they are above 20
deg...(the antenna has over 7 dBi gain up at 40 deg or so on 435) and
still works as a 1/4 wave whip at 2m too.).

So, next version of APRStk will be able to tune the radio to the right
satellite and tune for doppler.  Then just hooking the output to a TELNET
port can combine/share the downlink with other similar stations and the

Then all we need is 5 more such sites and we have the whole USA covered.
Every packet from the satellite gets collected... and shared via the
TELNET links between the sites...

To see what we can do with this for a mobile amateur radio:


de WB4APR, Bob

Yes, this works well in your car.  But if you put 50 feet of coax between
the antenna and the HT in your shack, then you just lost 3 dB and should
add a preamp...(at the antenna).

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