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ASUSat1 Status

Hello Everyone,
Sorry we were holding off for a while, we wanted to make sure we are right.
Unfortunately, it appears that the ASUSat1 has passed away.
Telemetry we received with the great help of the South-African Sunsat team
indicated that the batteries were not receiving any charge from the
solar-array. Due to this, the satellite worked for about 15 hours on battery
power alone. We have no further indication that will help us pinpoint the
exact cause. The only thing we can say is that the problem probably happend
between the solar-array and the power-board.
The ASUSat1 team was disappointed but yet very happy. The satellite provided
interesting telemetry when it was alive, and we are analysing that at
present. We were thrilled that the system powered up and did what it was
supposed to. Its not every day you have a box in space beeping at you :-)
In any case, the team is looking forward to future missions!
If you know of any free launches let us know!
assi kk7kx/4x1kx

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