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Re: Artemis Picosatellites

-> Hi, my name is Corina Hu, and I was a part of a group of students at
-> Santa Clara University that built three picosatellites last year as
-> our senior design project.  We are three of the six picosatellites
-> that are inside of Stanford's OPAL microsatellite which was launch
-> from Vandenberg AFB 1/26. To find out more about OPAL, which is
-> currently in orbit, you can check out their webpage at
-> http://ssdl.stanford.edu/opal
-> The downlink of the three picosatellites are as follows:
-> - JAK:               437.1MHz
->                       Morse Code transmission
-> - Thelma and Louise: 437.1MHz
->                       FM, FSK
-> We would be interested to see if HAMs around the world will be able
-> to pick up the transmission from these tiny spacecraft.  The physical
-> dimensions for these picosatellites are 1"x3"x4" for JAK and 1"x3"x8"
-> for Thelma and Louise.
-> The exact date of picosatellite ejection from OPAL has yet to be
-> determined.  It could be as early as this evening with JAK, or
-> anytime within the next couple of weeks.  Please check our website at
-> http://screem.engr.scu.edu/artemis for updates.  If you're able to
-> receive the signal from the picosats, we would appreciate it if you
-> would contact us at artemis_picosatellite@hotmail.com
-> We will also keep a log file on our webpage of all the contacts made.
-> Thank you!
-> -Corina
-> kf6rbf
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