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Re: Transverters with *70cm* IF's

Hello Dave.

02 Feb 00 08:54, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 DM> I think you are correct.  Otherwise why do the extra conversion stage?
 DM> Maybe someone else reading this message can shead some light on the
 DM> problem.  Anyone out there???

That was the only reason I could come up with...

 >> We have a locally available set of kits which will provide a total
 >> of 10W SSB on 1.2 GHz.  Just a matter of when to purchase the kit
 >> and start building.
 DM> Is there more information available on this kit?

There is a web site.  Dug the url out of an email I sent to myself. :)


 DM> If you do, consider the stability of the tripod carefully.  A
 DM> conventional camera tripod is not designed for holding a large load
 DM> like a radio and an antenna array.  They blow over in the wind!   You
 DM> might want to consider something like the portable telescope mounts
 DM> that I have seen. They are a 4" OD post about 4-5' high.  At the base
 DM> are four legs that extend about 2' each.   The legs can be folded up
 DM> against the post by loosening a bolt.  At the end of each leg is a
 DM> foot on a leveling screw for fine adjustment of the leveling.  They
 DM> are not all that large to carry, and are very robust.  No reason that
 DM> any decent metal worker could not build one in short order.

They sound ideal.  I was planning on manual rotation, mainly because it avoids
messy cabling and keeps things very portable (and I don't have a notebook to
drive a rotator set, let alone the mechanical expertise to build it!). Comments
about stability noted.

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