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Re: lha

If you insist on using this program than the command line should look like
this to compress a file and add it to the archive:

lha a file1 file2.ext
    where file1 is the name of the compressed file that will wind up with an
extension of .lzh .
    file2.ext is the file that you want to include in the archive (i.e. the
lzh file) wildcards are acceptable

Is there any particular reason you are using lharc instead of pkzip?
No disrepect to Mr. Yoshizaki. He wrote a very good utility with a fairly
quick and good compression algorithm but the defacto
standard in the US and most everywhere is zip. I know it (lha) had a very
large following in Japan in its day. I'm pretty sure it is still used
there but I'm sure even there they use Zip. Lharc was a decent compression
utility in its day ('88 - '91) but it is about as old as Moses (in computer
time) and was never widely used in North America.

Standard disclaimer,
Not employed by PKWARE yada yada yada ....


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>Hi everyone,
>I'm really struggling with this one.....
>I'm trying to "lharc" a file for a test of WiSP download de-compression and
>the command line in lha has got me baffled. I have the help file and as far
>as I can see I'm following the correct procedure but I keep getting error
>messages and nothing I do seems to work and actually produce an archived
>Anyone help??? Maybe I'm just getting too old for this business :)
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