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Re: 8j1rl

on 2/2/00 11:32 AM, Tate at KC7ZRU@cyberhighway.net wrote:

> Please pardon what may be a stupid question, I'm still a bit new to this radio
> hobby.
> I'm curious as to how these two sentences belong together when they're talking
> about the same contact. Isn't a 559 a perfectly readable, full scale signal
> with no extraneous tones? If the 'Bird wasn't too strong here', at the most
> that would be a 539 - right?
> Or am I missing something altogether here. Please help the newbie!
> Thanks!
> ::don't want to poke fingers, so snipped the names::
>> Bird wasn't too strong here.  Gave him a 559 though.

I'll reply since I posted it originally.

Signal reports these days are virtually meaningless as far as DX or contest
contacts go.  Having been a DX station once (ZP5/KE9NA), I know why.
Typically, a DX station is working a pileup.  He wants to work as many
people as he can as fast as he can.  So if he works someone, he doesn't have
time to figure out how good the person's signal is nor does he have time to
write down all the different possibilities he may receive.  The same thing
goes in a contest.  When you are trying to work 3 or 4 thousand people in a
weekend, the last thing you want to do is have to keep track of signal
reports.  So the common convention is to give 59 or 599.  For example, I
worked XZ0A on 20M the other night.  He was at S0 or barely copyable but I
gave him 59 and he gave me the same.  Why?  It's easy to copy.

Now, I will give Kimio credit as he gave me a 449.  I probably should have
given him a more accurate signal report, but there were a lot of reasons I
didn't.  For one, he was not wanting to waste time on the QSO.  Believe me,
he would start transmitting on top of me as soon as he got my info (you can
do that in full duplex).  Secondly, I fumble badly with the paddles on
satellites.  The echo screws me up, especially when you have a 250 ms delay
when AO-10 is 20,000 miles out there!  So 599 was the easiest to send and he
would know that I had received his report and so forth.

Signal reports are fine in a casual conversation with other hams, but when
trying to work people quickly, they are meaningless.  Besides, I later
recorded on tape Kimio's signal to send to him (as he requested).  With my
DSP filtering in and noise reduction on, the copy is PERFECT.  Yet, the S
meter still read about S1 or S2.  So you tell me, what the "s" in RST really

Tate, if you and I work on the birds (particularly on SSB), I'll prolly give
you an accurate report.  And with most of DX I've worked on the birds, I
generally do to, but for me on CW, 599 is easier.

There is no right or wrong way in giving a signal report.  When I was new at
the hobby, I had the same question you did.  And many times I will try to
give accurate reports as I really do like to know how I sound to the other
guy.  But it is subjective and a 9 to me may be a 5 to you or vice versa.
It's just kinda what's done.



Jon Ogden



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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