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    Not sure how many people use Traksat (DOS version), but I recently 
downloaded the new version that is supposed to be Y2K compatable, when the old 
version stopped working.  I thought it was working OK, but I noticed something 
strange.  If you request a tabular output, the results you get seem to be 
dependent on the start date you choose.  Ie using the same element set, if you 
ask for 7 days of output you get one result, and if you tell it to start on 
the 6th day, for example, you get another result, that was different by about 
16 hours in the example I tried!  I repeated the experiment several times to 
make sure, and got the same conflicting results.  Anyway, if you like to print 
out tabular outputs of when passes will occur, be careful.  At this point, I 
don't know which one is right, I haven't tried to check vs actual passes, but 
between 4 different programs I've tried, I get 4 different answers, and now I 
get multiple answers from the same program.  I get the impression that some on 
the Y2K fixes only fixed part of the problem.

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