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Fwd: Visual sighting of OCS

Thought that I would pass this on.

Tonight, Kevin visually sighted the Optical Calibration Sphere (OCS) during 
the 7:11pm pass over Washington DC.  I missed sighting the OCS myself but 
there is a lot of light pollution at my house since my QTH is located a lot 
closer to the city.

-Hank N4AFL

>Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 19:39:34 -0500
>From: dohertk@ssferret.com
>To: hheidt@erols.com
>CC: niemi@tux.org
>Subject: Visual sighting
>I managed to catch sight of the OCS as it passed overhead at 7:19pm EST
>tonight.  It was quite a bit dimmer than I'd expected.
>I'd hoped to pick it up near the northern horizon, but low clouds and
>passing cars (with headlights) kept interfering.  So I waited until it
>was supposed to be directly overhead, then looked straight up.
>I quickly spotted a faintish star moving directly north/south; I
>estimate it would have taken two to three seconds to move the width of a
>full moon.  I watched it for several more minutes before I lost it in
>some clouds.
>This was as near ideal a situation for a visual sighting as it's
>possible to get, and I still had trouble; I don't know if either of you
>have a chance given the amount of ambient light you need to deal with.
>Don't know when the next good pass is, either....
>See you later this week.
>                                 K

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