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APRS Telemetry from STENSAT

Good news, bad news, good news....


> I am  happy to report that the STENSAT telemetry was built from a
> modified APRS MIM and therefore the telemetry will be APRS decodable!
> So when the satellite is deployed on Wednesday, we should be able to
> capture it with your APRS software and more importantly with just your
> Kenwood integrated APRS Radios!
> de WB4APR,Bob
>  --------------------------------------------------
> From: Hank Heidt
> Cc: Assoc Prof Carl E Wick 
> StenSat's telemetry should be APRS compliant.  
> N4AFL-1>TELEM<UI C>: T#000,255,004,037,129,032,010 STENSAT PICOSAT
> where the Telemetry numbers are (in order):
> Sequence number - goes to 255, then rolls to zero
> Power supply monitor
> Current monitor
> Temp monitor
> 2.5 volt reference
> Current RSSI value
> Three light sensors (low value means light is striking the sensor):
> Light sensor values are (in order):
> Flat face (3 by 4 inches)
> Long side (1 by 4 inches)
> Short side (1 by 3 inches)

THE BAD NEWS:.  THe AX.25 destination call of TELEM they are using is not
one of the generic APRS filters.  SO most APRS software should ignore it.

THE GOOD NEWS:  In the Kenwoods you can change the given UNPROTO or ALTNET
call from APK001 to TELEM, to set your radio to operate with ONLY other
stations using that ALTNET callsign and then your THD7 HT or TMD700
mobile radio should receive the STENSAT telemetry directly...

THE BAD NEWS:  is that if you forget to return your ALTNET setting back to
APK001 (for the HT) or APK101? for the mobile radio, then you wont copy
any more packets on 144.39...  SO dont forget!

Most other APRSversions have a switch where you can disable the front end
ALTNET filters for special circumstances such as this...

Got my fingers crossed for the deploy!

de WB4APR, Bob

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