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Re: P3D launch guess??

on 1/30/00 23:46, Mark Johns at mjohns@cfu.net wrote:

>> The next 506 is scheduled for a July launch time frame.  Now on this one the
>> only payload listed is an Alcatel Eurasiasat-1. . . .
> There is only ONE Ariane launch 506 -- the launch of an Ariane 5 that comes
> after number 505 and before number 507.  The launch manifest at
> http://www.arianespace.com/status_nearterm.html shows number 505 scheduled for
> March of 2000 and number 506 scheduled for late May.  Since Ariane 507 is not
> yet on the provisional manifest list, launch date and payload are matters of
> speculation.  However, your September guess seems reasonable.

Well, I suppose then that speculation is all due to Florida Today.  Again,
they state that Arianne 507 (they or I must have had a typo) is scheduled
for a July launch date with the only payload listed as an Alcatel
Eurasiasat-1.  I have no idea where they get their info.

That's the launch I am "guessing" we will go on.  I don't think a launch
date of September for 507 is a reasonable guess as you suggest since that
would be a 4 month window between launches.  Rather, that's probably 508 for

Of course, it is ALL speculation.  But hey, it's fun!  :-)



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