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Helix Match: Network Analysis

I just got some personal e-mail by AF9Y, very polite, but he seemed
possibly upset, with reason.

In all fairness to him, the problems I had with the "ring-reflector"
match are problems with a derivant design, and don't reflect on his
70cm design at all.   He claims that if properly constructed (or in  the 
2400 MHz case, scaled) that the antenna will outperform any other
helix design.   I have no reason to doubt this, and was not trying
to disprove this.

By "AF9Y-type" I meant to refer to his rather unique and clever
"ring reflector".  It should be obvious to the group the mechanical
advantages of this type of reflector/match.  It definately is to
me after building a traditional plane-reflector 70 cm helix some
years back.  He also is proud of the tapered design, well known
to improve axial ration (circularity)..  I made NO attempt to taper
the 2.4 GHz antenna, and therefore the design I tried was NOT a
scaling of AF9Y's design.

I still think this match is the most fascinating of the bunch, and
I plan (in my rather limited spare time) to figure out the "secret"
to this, and make a really killer mode-s helix design for the enjoyment of 
the satellite community.   I'd also really like to
make a 1269 MHz design as well..

So, sorry to Mike AF9Y and the group if my comments were misconstrued
on this... In my opinion anyone building their own ham equipment should have 
resepect and encouragement.  AF9Y has done more than
most of us, including me, to advance ham radio technology, and
I feel bad that I (totally unintentionally) probably upset him.  And
this goes for K5OE as well (in case I upset YOU!)... keep up the good 

On a side note, I've been a tad bit too busy to get the data this
weekend on my website (and am having "scanner" problems)-- but
will work on this as soon as I have some freetime.. tnx for the patience.

Fred Spinner, W0FMS

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