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re: JawSat beacon Intervals

    At 10:56 PM 1/29/00 -0700, I wrote:
    >Just got word that:
    >  437.175  on for 30 secs   then off for 60 seconds.
    >  427.070  on for 30 secs   then off for 250 seconds

    The times came from looking at the boot rom source code.

    >73, Randy N7SFI

Thanks, Randy, as i've been been listening 5 KHz off in USB mode, so this
should help.  So the packets should be long enough for the unaided ear to
determine modulation, unlike one of the other birds (i forget which) where
the packets were so short that i couldn't tell if it was data or just a
carrier.  So they should be 4 min. and 10 sec. apart in MBL mode, and i
can tune away for 10-20 sec. and not miss the start/end of a packet one
if one is clever or quick enough.

I'm hoping we can get some clear skies at some point, so i can look for
the visual reflector satellite to make sure my antenna is pointed in the
right direction.  OPAL packets are so quick that i can't use them to aim
		       -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

	437.075 Mhz 	(MBL: 30/250 sec.  1.6 watt)
	437.175 Mhz	(MBL: 30/60 sec.  0 to 8 watts)

	436.5 MHz GMSK
	436.7 MHz / 145.820

	437.1 MHz	9600 FSK

Not before Sunday evening -- to be launched later from OPAL:


	436.625 MHz / 145.840 MHz  (voice/1200 AFSK)
	#7464464	- (# key followed by the digits) to ping a packet once 
	#7370563	- to report an extended packet. 

	437.1 MHz  	1200 AFSK

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