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Re: Satellites Everywhere

Hello Bob.

29 Jan 00 18:09, you wrote to TAPR APRS Special Interest Group:

 BB> I think maybe many hams might think that the only satellite they can
 BB> work without special equipment is AO27 FM voice.  This is no longer
 BB> true.

I guess that depends on one's perspective.  As an analogue station (packet is
one of those things on the "I'll get round to it eventually" list, but as I
work with modem speeds up to Ethernet speeds, packet doesn't have the appeal it
had when I was active on that mode 8 years ago) with VHF SSB capabilities, I'd
class RS-13 as needing less specialised equipment than any digital satellite.

For the real minimalist station, one can't go past SO-35, which I routinely
work with a 3.5 watt handheld into a 1/2 wave.  Can also hear the FO beacons
and the FO-29 digitalker on the same rig.

 BB> With these Kenwood radios, any mobile with a small 18 inch beam can
 BB> work the satellites.  Its time to start taking advantage of this
 BB> mobility.. I have posted a concept I call ASTARS to discuss the
 BB> possibilities...

They certainly look good, but the $$$ is the thing that puts me off. :-)
Gearing up for P3D (a couple of transverters on the home brew list) is next on
the priority list.

 BB> AND FINALLY!  APRStk can send and receive updated KEPS over the air
 BB> with only one key press.  The idea will be that Satellite one-line
 BB> keps will be transmitted one packet per hour on  local APRS networks
 BB> and thus, you will never have keps more than one day old!

Now this is an excellent idea!  I currently get my keps from the AMSAT list
every week and just dump them into a place where all the satellite s/w looks
for updates.  But automated hourly updates sound even more interesting.


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