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OPAL Heard on mobile!

Went out with 1/2 arrow antenna held out the window (East) of the mobile
and the TMD700 radio on 437.105 BEEPED and showed "??KF6RFX" on the front
panel.  This means non-APRS formatted packet.  I pressed PACKET-MON button
and the display showed the full packet:

   KF6RFX>CQ:OPAL 0:0006684204 <01>

And later to the southeast on 437.095 (from Maryland), I got:

   KF6RFX>CQ:OPAL 0:0009948696 <01>

This is using only 4 elements of a half ARROW antenna.  The decoded ones
were hitting two segments on the S meter.  I heard several more at the 10
sec rate but without a steady signal it was hard to be pointed at tthe
right place at the right time.

Next overhead pass, Ill just leave it connected to the omni WHIP antenna
and stay inside and see what I got the next time I drve the car... :-)


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