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Jawsat info and links

The Jawsat launch was confusing because of the sheer number of different 
groups and payloads involved with it.   Jawsat contained the Multipayload 
Adapter for four separate satellites in addition to itself:  OPAL, ASUsat-1, 
Falconsat, and OCS

Jawsat contained several other payloads: an Altitude Controlled Platform, 6 
high resolution digital cameras to capture the deployment, an experiment 
called PEST, and a communications platform.  I believe this communications 
platform has the telemetry module and mode J FM voice repeater on it.  This 
is what Randy had referred to as the Weber-2 in an earlier posting to try to 
avoid confusing the MPA portion of the satellite with the communications 

ASUsat-1 also has a mode J FM voice repeater. 

OPAL contained yet another 6 pico satellites: 3 built by the Artemis team 
from Santa Clara University, Stensat, and 2 built by The Aerospace 
Corporation.  Of these, Stensat is the most interesting to hams because it 
has a mode J FM repeater.  Opal does not appear to carry any other amateur 
payloads, but its telemetry utilizes the amateur 70 cm band.

I don't know if Falconsat has any amateur payloads, as the link is broken but 
I will fix it as soon as I get a good link.

I have taken the relevant links that Randy posted earlier and put them on my 
website so I can help keep everything straight.  I've also included a link to 
the keps for all the satellites.  You can find it at:



Lee Devlin, KØLEE  (K0LEE)
Greeley, CO
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