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Re: Home Brew Satellite Equipment Picture Album

Well, I got lots of positive comments and encouragement, but the "donors" 
were a little scarce.  Here is a (very small) start for the web page:


What I need to make this successful are YOUR pictures.  Please don't be shy.  
Share your project with the world!  Send me a note describing your invention, 
modification, or reconstruction.  All the bandwidth lately about Yaesu 5400 
mods would be a great item.  How about mobile mounts for your 
AO-27/SO-35/Stensat antennae?  How about that monster 12x12 2 meter beam for 
AO-10 or the tiny S-band patch antenna you have developed?  Amplifiers, 
transporters, etc.?

Please reply direct to:  k5oe@amsat.org
Jerry, K5OE

> Hi all.  I was thinking it might be fun, useful, and informative to put up 
> web site devoted to home brew satellite equipment.  While antennas and 
> systems may seem the most obvious, maybe there are tinkerers out there with 
> modems, receivers, transverters, whatever.  Other ops may be very 
> in your creations--even inspired to built it or extrapolate from it.  
> no point in hiding your good/original/amazing/crazy stuff from the world:  
> share it!  No editorializing, I promise.
>  I have a few ops who have sent me pics of their homebrew antennas (XE1MEX 
> and KD0SU, thanks), but would like to see if there is enough interest to 
> this picture album web page up.  Believe me, you would find their dual-band 
> handheld antennas intriguing--and they are very, very different from 
> you have seen.  Even if you don't have a pic today, please send me a note (
> direct please) telling me you are interested.  The format I was envisioning 
> would be a picture (or two), a short description and credit, and a link to 
> your own site if you have one.
>  Please reply direct to:  k5oe@amsat.org
>  73,
>  Jerry, K5OE
>  ps:  isn't it exciting right now?  I can't wait to hear what Stensat 
> like.  I'm guessing the weight ratio to P3D is about 1.5 x 10-3.
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